Hello my name is Nick and I am a Big Velvety Blue Grey cat. I am a wise old cat for I have seen and done many things. Let me share with you how you can…….learn all about me and the Nice Lady and all the fun things we have to offer you and your family on my website.

As you prowl around on my website, I know you will be purrrrring with excitement with each page you visit. Here is a summary of what you will find on the pages when you click on the navigation buttons on the left and right side of this Welcome page, or in the specific page summaries below.

Meet the Nice Lady: You can get started by Clicking Here to Meet the Nice Lady where you will learn all about the Nice Lady and me, how our journey began together, and where we are today.

Nick’s Corner: Find yourself wondering what I am up to? You won’t have to wonder any longer because I will keep you updated as I share with you monthly updates when you visit Nick’s Corner by clicking here or on Nick’s Corner on the upper right section of this page directly below Book Readings.

Preview & Buy Books and Value Packages: Maybe you haven’t seen my books yet or you would like to share them with your parents. No problem, you can take a sneak peak of all my books before you buy them and learn about Value Packages  that offer combined books and book-related merchandise when you click on Preview & Buy Books and Value Packages .

Buy Book-Related Merchandise: If you are anything like me and most other cats, you probably like to explore new environments and curious things, one-at-a-time. Well explore within my ”Purrrrrfectly for You” Boutique all my Book-Related Merchandise one-at-a-time by clicking here . This is where you can learn all about the my book-related products that have been approved by me for your fun and enjoyment including my famous Framed Artwork of who else but me.

In Bookstore Book Signings: Would you like to have a book signed by me and the Nice Lady? There you can learn how to have us come visit your local book store. I will also keep you informed of all bookstore book signing events as they are scheduled on the In Bookstore Book Signing page.

In School Visit Reading Program: School is a great place to be these days, and when I get a chance to come visit your school, I hope you are there to meet me. Learn about how a visit to your school may be possible by reading and sharing with your teachers and parents the information on the In School Visit Reading Program page.

Meet Nick and Nice Lady Contest: Thinking about how much fun it would be to meet me and the Nice Lady for lunch right at your own school. We will tell you all about this cool contest we have created when you check out our Meet Nick and Nice Lady Contest.

Book Fundraising Program: Do you, your parents, school, or church have a special cause that they would like to raise money for but not sure what would be the best fundraising option or program to use? I may have just the answer through one of the various fundraising programs I have developed by using the sale of my books and book-related products. Click on Book Fundraising Program for some fundraising ideas to consider.

Animal Adoption Information: Want to share your love and support the many homeless animals in need? Whether you currently have a pet and want to add another to your family, or you have been wanting a pet but not sure the best place to find your new furry friend, well wait no longer. Cats, dogs, birds, and many other animals can join your family when you work with the animal adoption/rescue organizations listed on my Animal Adoption Information page.

Nick the Cat Project Information: Want to know what my “Wise Plan” is for introducing myself to you, your friends, and the world at large? Check out the Nick Project Information page and you will be much wiser and will become a great source of Nick the Cat information for all your friends to tap.

Contact Us: If you have read my books, then you know I love to curl up on my cloud bed. When I’m curled up, I like to dream about what all my readers and friends are doing. I also like to think about all the good things our publisher, Nick the Cat, LLC has been doing for us, and is planning for us in the future. So please contact me with your thoughts and ideas by going to my Contact Page and while there, also learn about my terrific publisher and their superb services.

As a final note, please feel free to prowl around my website as long as you wish, for as the Wise Old Cat, the message I want to leave you with is…have a furry good time exploring!!!

Nick's Holiday Celebration

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