Plush Toys

The plush toys are available, so place your order now to assure receiving it before the holidays.

You should know that Mousey is adorable and will come lightly “threaded” to my paw. With a few snips of the scissors, Mousey will easily detach.

So you may be wondering, what other plush toys will be available? You have probably noticed throughout my books how I have my favorite mouse toy that I like to have with me when napping or playing throughout the day. I thought my readers might like to have a plush toy of my plaid mouse for your stuff toy collection or, for your feline pet to play with, if you have one.

Then I was thinking that you young readers would probably like to have a plush toy of me when I was a young cat along with Baby Z in addition to the one of me as the “Wise Old Cat”. And from the responses we have received, I was right.

So, the plush toys will be made available in pairs only. The first pair will be me as the Wise Old Cat and my plaid mouse, Mousey. The second pair will be Baby Z and me as Nick the Cat in my younger years.

So again, share all this cool information with your family and friends, and look for updates on plush toy availabilty in the upcoming months.

As with all my products from what I like to call, my “Purrrrfectly For You Boutique”, all plush toys are “purrrrrfectly approved by me” as authenticated by my “seal of approval”.

Nick's Holiday Celebration

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