Fall – 2012

Hello my young readers!

I hope you all enjoyed your summer. page-15I sure did! I love the summer months, but I do look forward to what is ahead…..Fall. Each season has new beginnings, and Fall has a lot going on!!! I know some of you are heading back to school, looking forward to the color change of the leaves on the trees, planning a day with your family at the cider mill, getting to wear your cozy sweater, and so many other seasonal activities. Whatever you experience as a new beginning in the Fall season, take your time to really enjoy it!!

My favorite part of the Fall season is when I get to sit by an open window and take in the cool air and feel the sunshine! You know I’m all about being cozy, so what better way to spend a day! The only other way it feels even more special, is when I get to curl up next to the Nice Lady while she reads and we both enjoy the fresh cool air and sunshine together!

Hoorah for Fall!!

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Your Friend, Nick

Spring – 2012

Hello Everyone and Happy Spring!!!

page-29What a wonderful time of year, everything starts to look new again!!! The flowers start to bloom, the trees sprout leaves and look green, and the rain helps to make everything grow!

Things feel fresh and new not just for nature, but for me and the Nice Lady too! I watch her do some spring cleaning around the house along with putting heavy coats and clothes away that she wore during the winter months.

She also changes out my winter blankets for a bright green pillow. I enjoy curling up on my pillow and taking long spring naps in the sunny kitchen window.page-12

Spring makes everything seem new again. So what feels new to you during spring? Tell mom and dad how new you feel with spring all around.

Enjoy the rest of the school year, study hard, and soon summer and your long awaited summer vacation will be here.zoomnickasleepbench





Your Friend, 

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Nick’s Corner – Janaury, 2012

Nice Lady & Nick in Bed Rainbow ColorsHappy New Year to all of you!!

I hope your holidays were enjoyed with family and friends. I enjoyed my holidays spending time relaxing with the Nice Lady and her family.

The start of a new year always brings a feeling of fresh starts! What I mean by this is if you felt there was something you didn’t get to last year…read a certain book, clean your room every day like you wanted, help your parents with chores around the house, be more kind to a brother or sister, or even a classmate, you can start doing all of those things right now!!! Of course you can always start each day a new, but with the New Year ahead, you can make a commitment to start the New Year off doing all the good things you want to do!!! They call that a New Year’s resolution.

Remember you don’t have to wait for a new year to do something you haven’t done or to do something good. You can start any day of the year. But there is something about starting off at the beginning of the New Year, that makes it exciting!!!Nick's PawPrint

I have started my new year off with taking time each day to curl up close to the Nice Lady so that I can offer her as much love as she offers me!! I know it’s something I do already, but I guess it’s my New Year’s resolution to keep it going!!!

Happy New Year!!!

p.s. Baby Z wishes you all a Happy New Year as well!!

Nick’s Corner – November, 2011

Hello and Happy November,

colornlnickatpetstore21This is a very special month for many reasons. This is the time of year that always makes my heart smile inside and I will tell you why? It was many years ago the night before Thanksgiving that I Found My Family, The Nice Lady!!!

I know many of you will be with your families celebrating Thanksgiving Day which is for many, the start of the holiday season. Book 3D How I Found My Family

I get so excited sharing the wonderful feelings I have inside during this time of the year and hope that it makes you feel the same way when you read my first book “How I Found My Family,” a story of how we all have so much to be thankful for!

Nice Lady & Nick in Bed Rainbow ColorsTake time to count your blessings not just on Thanksgiving but throughout the year!! Remember blessings come in all sizes and in many ways. The blessings may not always be what you want…like that new video game, or the cool looking jacket, but if you have love and warmth in your life…that is a lot to be thankful for!!!

I am very thankful for The Nice Lady and all the love she gives me! I’m also very thankful for all of you who enjoy what I and The Nice Lady share with you in our Family and Friendship series books!

So Happy Thanksgiving, always!!

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Nick’s Corner – August, 2011

Hello Everyone,

I want to say I’m sorry for not sending you a July greeting. The Nice Lady and I have had a lot of changes going on in our family. Book3D How My Family ChangedFor those of you who have read “How My Family Changed”, you learned how life is always changing and how to accept change.

Although it was not a pleasant change that the Nice Lady and I went through, it is a part of life that we all will experience. Nice Lady & Nick in Bed Rainbow ColorsThe Nice Lady’s father passed away for he was very ill. I want you to know he lived a good life and it was time for him to leave us.

I’m spending my time with the Nice Lady and together we are working on many things around the house to get our mind focused on the future and to help put our loss behind us.

Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation and I will be in touch with you in September as you will be starting back to school and I have a few thoughts for you about that.

Your friend,


Nick’s Corner – June, 2011

Happy June everyone!  Hope you all are ready to enjoy your summer months, I know I am. I love all seasons, and each one has something different to offer, but summer time to me is this.Nick Lying in Wicker

Listening to all the kids in my neighborhood play outside and swim in their pools, while I lay stretched out in the sun on the patio or inside the my wicker sofa.  I love the smell of the summer air in the morning while I watch the birds and the butterflies; it makes me think of my old friends Sammy the Sparrow and Beatrice the Butterfly.

I am sure there are certain things or situations that make you think of summer but I bet there is something that many of us may think of, when we think of summer, do you know what I am thinking about?

ICE CREAM!!!! Yes, Ice Cream. In case you did not know Ice Cream is made from milk and cats love milk.  Milk is good for us when we are young and growing but as we get older it isn’t always the best thing for us. I am sure you’re not supposed to have Ice Cream all the time, but in the summer time. It seems like it is the best time!!

I love when the Nice Lady gets her favorite vanilla ice cream cone because she  allows me to have a few licks at the end  of her cone and that is a special time that I know only comes during the summer months!

So while you think about what makes you think of summer, I am going to get  my licks in…I see the Nice Lady walking towards me with “our favorite “ vanilla cone!

Enjoy this first month of summer,


Nick’ Corner – May, 2011

Wow all those April showers have made for so much good sleeping and napping weather that I got so cozy sleeping, I slept through most of April and forgot to write you my monthly note!!

As we know April showers bring May flowers, or so I have been told!! It is almost spring time and we can enjoy all the new beginnings of spring!Nick Struting to Kitchen

There is also a very special day in May called Mothers Day. This is a day that everyone celebrates our Mothers and all that they do for us. I haven’t seen my cat Mother in a long time, but to me the Nice Lady is like a mother to me.

I am sure we all have many warm feelings and are thankful for our mothers, so Mother’s Day is a day to show our love to mom on that special day.

Think about all that your mothers do. They make sure we have what  is needed to get through each day, like breakfast, lunch, dinner, warm clothes, help us with school work, find the time to have fun with us,  provide a warm and cozy bed to sleep in, and the list goes on and on.

I plan on celebrating Mother’s Day this month in honor of how thankful I am for the Nice Lady, so please join in the celebration and celebrate your Mother on Mother’s Day!!!

So enjoy your time with mom,

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Nick’s Corner – March, 2011

Nick and Baby Z Hero Pic Hello Everyone!

 I am so excited we are heading into another one of my favorite seasons, spring! I like all the seasons for they bring in so many new feelings and experiences.

Funny how spring makes you start to feel a new sense of energy coming on. Maybe it’s because the days are slowly getting longer and the daylight is lasting beyond 6 o’clock.

Spring begins on March 20th same date every year in March, so it’s easy to remember that once March comes, we are heading into warmer times!

page-9The Nice Lady is always talking about spring cleaning when March rolls around; maybe you have heard your parents talk about this as well. The Nice Lady says after months of snow and cold, she can’t wait to give everything around the house a fresh look. By doing so, everything starts to look brighter.

I am looking forward to being able to enjoy more daylight so that I can sit and watch the birds from my favorite window.  The Nice lady also likes to slowly put away her winter wardrobe and bring out her colorful spring wardrobe.  I always wear the same grey fur, but I do start to shed my winter coat which gets me ready for the warmer weather!

With all the excitement of what is ahead when the month of March starts, begin thinking about what your may like to do to get ready for more changes. I’m going to enjoy the Nice Lady combing my fur so that I can shed that winter coat faster, curl up on my favorite pillow in front of the window to watch the bird, and get ready for more Spring!!!

Your Friend

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Nick’s Corner – February, 2011

If you live anywhere near Michigan, you know it’s been cold this winter. And sometimes, February can be the coldest month. I’m glad to have my fur coat to keep me warm, but even with my fur coat, I still get cold. That’s why the Nice Lady doesn’t let me outside during the winter months. She says that everyone with pets must remember that even though cats and dogs have fur coats, they need to be brought in from the cold air for their safety and well being. 

Speaking of February, Valentine’s Day is a special day always celebrated in this month.  Nice Lady & Nick in Bed Rainbow ColorsThis is a feel good day for everyone. You can give valentine cards, candy or flowers to anyone you care about on Valentine’s Day or to someone who might be feeling sad or lonely and you want  to make them feel special.

Let me share with you what I mean. Last year, on Last Valentine’s Day, the grocery manager at the Nice Lady’s favorite market told her that his friend of 15 years had been offered a new job. Happy that his friend found a job, he was sad to learn that he would have to move out of state for the new job. When the Nice Lady returned home from the market, she gave me a special “valentine” cat treat and told me about her friend at the market. While she was brushing my fur, she jumped up and said, “I should take the grocery manager something for Valentine’s Day!”  She rushed to the candy store, picked up some chocolates and went to the market to surprise her friend with a Valentine greeting.

Offering him the chocolates, she told him how sad she would be if her friend the Farm Lady had to move away. She said she hoped the chocolates would make him feel better during this sad time. The grocery manager thanked her and said, “He loved chocolates and that he would share them with his friend.”

Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity to share good feelings with anyone, but also with someone in need of feeling good! Remember you can make someone feel good, even when it’s not Valentine’s Day!!Nick's PawPrint

Nick’s Corner – January, 2011

page-41Happy New Year!  I hear the Nice Lady, family and friends say this every year. Do you know what it means when we say, Happy New Year?

Having a new year ahead of you offers many possibilities!  You can start over and start fresh! The Nice Lady was talking with The Farm Lady and said, “This is the year! I am going to finally get that closet of mine organized.”  We all have things that we put off, or figure we just can’t do. When we start a new year, we feel we have the chance to do or change something that we feel we need to do but have never made the time to do it in the past.

Start thinking about what you may have put off or something that you wanted to do but didn’t. It feels good to know you can start over.  That is why people make a New Year’s resolution. It’s like a promise to one’s self to do or change something usually for the better.

The Farm Lady had some new neighbors move out by her farm back in October and she had been so busy, she never drove down the road to introduce herself and welcome them to the area. Nice Lady & Farm Lady w Nick & Baby ZShe told the Nice Lady she was making that her New Year’s resolution…to greet and meet her new neighbors.

Think about what you may want to do this year that you haven’t done, or something you would like to try again. You don’t have to wait for a new year to start to do any of these things…but sometimes a new year can make you feel like you have a new chance.

Whatever you do this New Year, have a Happy New Year and know I wish you all the best!

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