Nick’s Corner – December, 2010

page-33Happy Holidays Everyone!

I’m always so excited during this magical time of year.  I shared with you last month how I think Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful but also a time to give. I believe the thoughts and feelings that we share on Thanksgiving Day should continue with us everyday of the year.

This month with all the holiday lights, decorations and good cheer in the air, it creates a magical feeling which makes me believe that anything is possible.

I want you all to know I have a special story to share with you in my new Holiday Book, Nick’s Holiday Celebration! If you read the book, you will know what I mean about believing that anything is possible!!! 
978-1-936193-05-9I don’t want any of you to miss out so if you would like to purchase the Holiday Book, please place your order here on my website by December 20th.

To all of you out there, enjoy your holidays with those that are special and remember to always DREAM your Dreams and BELIEVE!!!!page-21

Your Friend,


Nick’s Corner – November, 2010

Happy November Everyone!

I’m so excited that it’s November. Do you know why?

Nice Lady & Nick in Bed Rainbow ColorsMy favorite holiday, Thanksgiving is in the month of November.  If you have read my books from The Importance of Family series, you would know that Thanksgiving has a special meaning for me. The night before Thanksgiving, the Nice Lady and I found each other and “our family.”

It’s funny how we all have things to be thankful for but for some reason, we remember them most around the Thanksgiving holiday. I am not sure why that is but maybe it’s because we get caught up in our everyday lives like school, friends, family outings without realizing that we should be thankful for all that we have everyday of the year.

Unfortunately it’s easy to take things for granted. With all the love the Nice Lady gives me and the warm cozy home she provides for us to live in, I sometimes forget the many people and animals that aren’t as fortunate. It makes me sad to know there are others that don’t have a home or someone to be their Nice Lady. Nick Struting to KitchenI have a cat friend that used to live at a shelter until he found his new home.  He told me that even though he wasn’t living with his own family in a house, he was grateful to have the shelter and the volunteers that cared for him and the others. Without the shelter he said that they would all be out wandering the streets and the streets aren’t a good place for anyone.

Taking time to be thankful can lead to good things. What I mean by that is when we think about all that we are truly thankful for… our families, our home, our cozy bed, the food we eat… it makes us realize that there are some people and animals that may not have these things to be thankful for and we feel the urge to help, That’s when we’re moved to share with them what we have or donate things for them to have.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday! So please remember to be thankful for all that you have and please remember to share and GIVE to others. Maybe that is why the holiday is called THANKS….GIVING!!!

Happy ThanksGIVING everyone.

Your friend,

 Nick's PawPrint

Nick’s Corner – October, 2010

Hello Everyone -

I’m feeling settled into my Fall season routine. Are you? It was a real adjustment at first but I like starting my days earlier, it allows for even more naps during the day!!

October is a month of pumpkins, donuts, cider, caramel apples, leaves changing colors, leaves starting to fall, and Halloween!

Nice Lady & Farm Lady w Nick & Baby Z
I know the Nice Lady likes going to the Cider Mill with the Farm Lady enjoying their time together while scrolling through the falling leaves. She always tells me how much fun they had when she returns home with those yummy smelling cinnamon sugar donuts and a caramel apple.

I am not one for all that apple stuff, but I love watching all those colorful leaves fall from the trees.

It always seems by the time Halloween rolls around almost all the leaves have fallen from the trees. Nature always seems to be on time. I really do like the sound of trick-or-treaters rustling through the leaves and when they come to the door looking for their treats! It is always so much fun to see what everyone dresses up as.

Niece and Nephews with Cat Ears &Tails

The Nice Lady and I like to dress up too! We both wear black witch’s hats and sit near the door so that we can be ready to greet our trick-or-treaters. I do have to admit, sometimes it can be scary with all those pumpkins with carved out faces, ghost, witches and other characters…but then I remind myself it’s just all pretend.

Always be safe when you are out on Halloween. Make sure if your parents aren’t going with you, always circle back to your house to check in and perhaps grab a cup of hot chocolate before you continue on. I want you to be safe and cautious and mindful of your safety and your parent’s concern for you. OK? 

One thing I didn’t mention to you about having one of your parents going out with you that is a real BIG PLUS. You can always have them carry your trick-or-treat bag when it starts to get heavy. Way cool!

Enjoy all the sweet treats October has to offer and if you’re out on Halloween …keep an eye out for a Velvety Blue Grey Cat  in a witches hat!

Nick's PawPrint

Nick’s Corner – September, 2010

Hello friends and readers,
I am sitting here in my favorite chair outside watching the birds fly while thinking about the final weekend of summer, Labor Day weekend. This is always an exciting weekend because there is so much going on! There are festivals, art fairs, BBQ’s with family and friends, relaxing at home….it seems everyone has something to do to celebrate the last summer weekend before we all go back to school and our regular routines.
I know some of my friends live in Michigan where I live, and there are many fun things happening here. Some of you may have heard of the Renaissance Festival in Holly, Michigan.

It is a festival where you experience going back in time to the 15th – 16th centuries! It is really cool, it’s like you are actually there. It is a village of stores, people and food from that era.
The Nice Lady is going to be there, but she will be in a special area, called Pet Fest. The Nice Lady along with other’s will have a booths set up to share with people of special items that are for and all about pets! You can also find my books and book-related merchandise at the Artisan Village which has set up shop at the fair and brought all their cool merchandise from their Great Lakes Crossing store.

At Pet Fest, the Nice Lady will be sharing and autographing all my books for you and your families, so if you are in Michigan and looking for something different to do…come out and meet “The Nice Lady”…you can preview some of my New Books, the 1st book from the Friendship series “How Different is Good” and my very special Holiday book, “Nick’s Holiday Celebration”.  Again that will be at the Renaissance Festival in Holly, Michigan at the special area called Pet Fest. So come on out and enjoy going back into time, along with visiting the Nice Lady at Pet Fest!

I am going to be taking it easy in my favorite chair this weekend; I have a lot of things coming up in the months ahead, not to mention I don’t care for large crowds, now that I am older. So if you’re like me and staying close to home, ENJOY but whatever you and your family have planned for Labor Day Weekend….be safe and have fun!

Your friend,


Nick’s Corner – August, 2010

Hello Everyone,

Have you ever heard of the saying, “The Dog Days of Summer?”

Well if you haven’t, it means it’s so hot out that you just want to lie around like a dog outside in the heat. I just wondered why they never said, “The Cat Days of Summer” because we cats sure like to lay around whether it’s hot outside or not. I have been doing a lot of relaxing for it has been a very hot summer, not to mention we are nearing summer’s end.

Have you ever heard the saying, “All Good Things Must Come to an End?”

Sounds kind of sad, doesn’t it? That’s what I thought when I heard the Farm Lady say to the Nice Lady that she couldn’t believe we’re heading into the last month of summer. The Nice Lady responded to her with “All Good Things Must Come to an End.” I felt sad when I heard her say that, but upon listening to the rest of their conversation, I felt different.

Curled up on the patio chair in the nice hot sun, I was feeling sad that summer, and my enjoyment of the hot cozy days were nearing there end. I continued to listen to them talk when I started to feel a sense of excitement come over me. The Nice Lady said, “I can’t wait for new beginnings! I love it when the seasons change!” The Farm Lady agreed and added, “Indeed, nothing better than cider and donuts in the brisk fall air.” The Nice Lady said, “I love being able to wear all my soft, wooly sweaters.” Even though they no longer attend school, they started to giggle about how they still get that “back to school” feeling.

I started thinking about how I enjoy watching all the leaves change into such pretty colors and how the cool morning air feels so good on my whiskers. I was feeling excited when I realized that yes, many good things do come to an end, but it can also mean there are many new things to come!

If some of you are feeling sad like I was about summer ending, and that soon you will be heading back to school, well don’t be!! Think about how fun it is to shop for school supplies, your new back to school clothes, and seeing some of your school friends that you have not seen during the summer. Yes, summer may be ending but you have a lot to look forward to in the start of a new school year. Take this time to enjoy the last month of summer but also get ready to enjoy the start of a new school year and all the new things you will be learning.

It is true, all good things do come to an end, but then it allows for new experiences to come your way!!! I am going to continue my nap in this HOT SUMMER sun, while I dream about what I may want to experience in the coming fall month. I hope you all do the same.

Your friend,


Nick’s Corner – July, 2010

Hello friends and readers,
Happy 4th of July, and Happy Birthday to me!!!  I wanted to share with you all that it’s my Birthday. For those of you that are familiar with my first story, “How I Found My Family”, you may remember how the Nice Lady found me the night before Thanksgiving. I was just 4 months old then, which means I was born 4 months earlier in July.  The Nice Lady had decided back then to celebrate my Birthday on the 4th of July, because we never knew the actual day in July that I was born.

The 4th of July has so much history behind it and truly is a day of celebration for our country’s Independence.  I like this time of year not just because it is my Birthday but there is so much excitement going on; BBQs, Family Vacations, Firework, and just plain old lazy days of summer!!!

I am sure some of you are taking in this Holiday weekend with your family enjoying a BBQ while on a family vacation, or simply at home with family and friends. I hope you all get a chance to see some Fireworks!!! I love all the different colors and the bright lights that they create in the dark sky. I know it is in honor of our Independence, but I always like to think it’s in honor of me. 

I want to say, that all Birthday’s are special!!!  It is a day of celebration of when one came into the world.

Whether it’s your Birthday or someone else’s, be it the month of July or another time throughout the year, always honor the day!!! We are all special in our own way and our Birthday is a day to remember when we came into this world and into our Families!!!

So Happy Birthday to ALL of you who were born in the month of July!!! Enjoy your 4th of July weekend and the lazy days of summer. I know I will be taking in a cozy nap to celebrate my Birthday before the fireworks light the sky!!!

Nick’s Corner – June, 2010

Hello friends,

Wow it’s nearing the end of spring and most of you will be ending your school year and starting your summer vacation. It’s always nice to break away from your school time studies so that you can spend some extended time with your family and friends.

page-9Before you get into the full swing of summer vacation, think about doing a little “spring cleaning”. I wasn’t sure what the Nice Lady meant when she said last month that we would soon be doing some spring cleaning. As I will share below, it is much more than just cleaning the house. 

We have been going through the house getting rid of a lot of things that have piled up through the winter months and past years. Rather than hanging on to things that we are no longer using, we are donating them to the Salvation Army and other charitable organizations that basically recycle contributions to other people in need. I once heard the Nice Lady say, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!” We are also giving to animals in need as well. That’s where I come in!

I have some cat toys that just don’t excite me as they once did when I first started playing with them. I’m donating them to an animal rescue center along with some unused cat food. You see, the Nice Lady likes me to have a variety of cat foods, but sometimes I can be finicky!! So we are donating the canned and dry foods that have not been used. 

The Nice Lady is rounding up clothes that no longer fit her or she just doesn’t wear anymore along with different household items. She says there are so many people and shelters in need of things that our spring cleaning is allowing us to do our part in addressing such needs.

So before you begin your summer vacation, you may want to get off on the right foot and do some spring cleaning of your own. Your summer vacation will be more enjoyed knowing you began it with a very good deed.

Guess I’ll be writing to you again next month before the big fireworks celebration.
The Nice Lady has made plans for another barbeque at her sisters which means I will be seeing the Niece and Nephews soon unless. That is, unless  they’re away at camp. How many of you are off to camp this summer? Write me and let me know what you do at camp. 

Until then, later


Nick’s Corner – May, 2010

Hello everyone!

I am sure, you have heard the saying, “April Showers bring May Flowers”.
page-9 But if not, please take a look outside!!! You will see many spring flowers are in bloom with the recent warmer air and rainfall.

I have been spending some of my time outside in the backyard, looking at one of my favorite flowers, tulips. Tulips don’t stick around for the summer season, they are only here to greet us in the spring and then they go away until the next spring. If you have any tulips around where you live, go outside and look at them as they stand up tall, with their petals open. I think they look like they are standing tall and singing!!! The Nice Lady says, “that’s my imagination at work!!”

The Nice Lady told me how she met some of you at the May 1st weekend book readings in Michigan. She had a great time meeting you and your parents. Some of you may have seen her at Borders in Birmingham, Michigan, the morning of May 1st, or in the afternoon at Barnes and Noble in Royal Oak, Michigan. These are two small cities right outside of Detroit. You know Detroit, THE MOTOR CITY!

If you did not get a chance to meet her at the May 1st weekend readings, the Nice Lady will be doing a reading at the Barnes and Noble in Ann Arbor on Saturday, May 8th at 12:00. Other locations are planned and will be posted on the website as they are confirmed. I was so excited to hear how you all enjoyed our stories, and some of you were able to view our new ANIMATED DVD of the books.

Even though I was not there, I know you were able to see me in some of my favorite photos. Please know that I am very thankful for all of you who attended and spent some time with the Nice Lady. She really loves meeting our fans and talking all about me, and yes, Baby Z too!

Well I think I am going to check out the tulips in the backyard as they will not be out there much longer, perhaps another week at best.
Enjoy the flowers and the fresh spring air.



Nick’s Corner – April, 2010

Hello everyone-

Can you believe it is almost Spring already? It sure feels like it here in Michigan?

Did you all have a nice Easter holiday? The Nice Lady and I had a wonderful holiday. I watched her color Easter eggs, so that we could have an Easter egg hunt with the Niece and Nephews. I had so much fun helping them find the eggs.  I hope all of you enjoyed your family on the Easter Holiday.

I have heard so many good things about many of you out there who met the Nice Lady over the two last months when she visited your schools.  She said all of you are so nice, and some of you were asking about me? Hearing all the nice things you say makes my heart smile!!!  I know a lot of you have asked about me making a visit along with the Nice Lady, but I am not much of a traveler anymore. Now that I am older, I like staying home curled up on my pillow. I know the Nice Lady shares my photos with you when she visits your school, so please enjoy seeing me in my photos. I think you can tell I am a real natural in pictures!! I plan to share these pictures and many more with all my fans here on my website very soon. Just been very busy with other things, like napping, playing with my toys, and of course, enjoying time with the Nice Lady.

I want to provide a few thoughts on a few past events that the Nice Lady has shared with me. First, I want to thank all the students in Ms. Tucker’s class at St. Joseph School in Lake Orion, Mi. The students drew such great pictures of me and of characters they thought might be a fun playmate for me. I am going to be sharing these drawing with all my website viewers soon, so stay tuned Ms. Tucker and students at St Joseph.  Oh, by the way, I am sure those who have Ms. Tucker as a teacher already know this, but for those of you who don’t know her, the Nice Lady told me she is such a Nice Teacher and that she really cares about her students!!

Now for the future events you may want to know about. The Nice Lady will be doing her first Book store reading and book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Royal Oak, Mi. She will be doing a story time reading and signing on the evening of April 29th at 6:30 p.m.. Then on Saturday May 1st she will do another reading and book signing at 3 pm. For those of you who do not live near Royal Oak, but more on the west side of the town, she will be at the Barnes and Noble in Ann Arbor May 8th. We aren’t sure of the time as of yet, but keep checking back and we will continue to share information on all these events, and others that will soon be added. You can also check Barnes and Noble’s website, for details.

If you live near a Barnes and Noble, you might want to ask if the Nice Lady is coming there anytime soon? If not, let them know you how much you would love to see her there. Again, “squeaky wheel gets the oil.” 

 Wow!  I managed to share a lot this month.  I think I now want to go curl up on my pillow and take a long nap. It is raining out and the Nice Lady has my pillow next to the window which opens so I can smell the fresh rain air. She knows how much I like that.

Thanks for letting me share so much with you, keep reading my corner each month, for now it is time for a morning nap!!!!

Nick’s Corner – March, 2010

I went out today and found that the snow here in Michigan is melting and, with the sun brightly shining, it felt like Spring is just around the corner.

By now, you have been back to school from the holidays for the better part of a month. I do hope all is going well with the schoolpage-9 work and getting back into the learning mode. I know how it is to be away from something for a while and then returning to it. You always seem to feel a bit rusty and out of sorts. Like when the Nice Lady pulls out one of my cat toys that we have not played with for a while. I find that my reflexes are not as sharp as they were when we last played with it together. Soon, when Spring arrives, I will spend more time outdoors and my cat skills and reflexes will be tested as I explore what nature has to offer and begin playing with some of my backyard and neighborhood friends.

I want to thank the many readers who sent me emails telling me how much they are enjoying my first three books from the Importance of Family series. I have also received some very good reviews from many of you on the CD of the Nice Lady reading the three books. Many have said they especially like the music and special sound effects that are in the background as the Nice Lady is reading.

Keep your feedback coming.

Well I have some very good news for all of you. I am excited to report that the Nice Lady and I just finshed writing the first book in Series II, The Importance of Friendship series titled, Different is Good. Dave Messing, our illustrator, is now working up the wonderful illustrations for the book. It should be available in June or July depending on how picky I get when it comes to approving the final book which from there, it goes off to the printers. I will update you on the publication date as the timing becomes clearer to me. You know what they say, “always expect delays when you are working towards PERFECTION!!!!”

I know in last month’s message to you from my corner here, I promised you I would post some photos of me on this page. I am still choosing my favorites but I promise you, they will be here next month for you to enjoy. In the meantime, continue to study hard and tell all your teachers about me and perhaps they will invite the Nice Lady and me to come to your school to do a reading and book signing event. The Nice Lady did two readings last month and has six scheduled readings so far for this month.

Got to go, the Nice Lady is putting out my dinner.

You’re Friend,


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