Framed Art

Have your parents click on the Buy Now button below and they will find the illustrations I have thoughtfully selected for my readers, the frame size and formats available, and all the necessary ordering information.

There are a variety of color mattes and frame combinations to choose from that offers something for everybody. You even have the option of having the illustration printed on a frameless ”stretched canvas” artists use when painting their masterpieces. I personally like the stretched canvas; no fussing with frame and matte choices and, like the framed pictures, “wall ready” to hang.

Each illustration is a “giclee” produced to the highest level of print ink quality and workmanship available today. The framed artwork illustrations are printed on GD Premium Archival paper and the mattes are paper matboard buffered for extended life and protection for your art. Premium Clear Acrylic & Foamcore Backing complete the framing package. I am sure you will find one of these illustrations to be that “favorite, “must have” picture of me.

I love how I look in pictures!!!! And you will too!!!! 

I’m thinking these illustrations might be just the perfect solution for filling that open wall space in your bedroom and making you smile every time you look at it. Besides looking cool hanging in your room, you can share your new wall hangings with your friends when they come over.

As with all my products, each illustration, framed or on stretched canvas, is “purrrrrfectly approved by me” as authenticated by my “seal of approval”.

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