Importance of Friendship Series

Order any book(s) from my website and the Nice Lady and I will personalize them to your loved ones! Again, just be sure to provide the name(s) to whom we should endorse the books in the ENDORSE TO box when ordering below.

If you are here by “cat” curiosity, then you may want to preview the books to make sure you select the one(s) you want the most. Just click on the word PREVIEW.

Book One
How Different Is Good

After previewing my books, if you decide that you like them, or you and your parents are already familiar with them and your parents like them too, they can order the books by clicking on the Add to Cart button under each book cover.

If you wish to see any of my books in their entirety before deciding whether to purchase, you should visit your local books stores such as Barnes and Noble, Borders, and the major independants. If you do not find them in your local bookstores, ask the store manager of the children’s book department, when they will be getting in their first shipment.

Who knows, perhaps someday, when the books do arrive, I will be there at your local bookstore, along with The Nice Lady, where we can both sign your book(s) so you will have a personal keepsake from us. Just keep asking!!!!

How way, way, super cool would that be?

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