Meet Nick and Nice Lady Contest

If you have read my books and would like the Nice Lady and me to visit you at your school and have lunch with you and your parents, then you may want to read further to learn how to enter this contest.

The contest entry is very simple. Just fill out the entry form below telling us all about yourself and why you would like to meet me and the Nice Lady. I also want you to tell us all about yourself and your COOL family and why you love them. After you have told all, click on submit form and we will handle the rest!

Together with the Nice Lady, I will review all the submitted entries and decide which one of my readers out there gave the best reason(s) why they would like to meet us. See, I told you it was simple. And, with the submission deadline set for September 30, 2011, you have a lot of time to think of all the best reasons why you would want to meet us, how COOL your family is, and why you love them.

Then, on October 31st, the Nice Lady and I will choose the winning entry and announce the winning reader on our website in NICK’s CORNER. The Nice Lady and I will visit the winner’s schools just before the December holidays; weather permitting of course. Wouldn’t that be a TOTALLY AWESOME holiday gift?

And remember, if you are not chosen, there are two other ways to meet us. The first way is to meet us at a book signing event at your local bookstore. Just continue to ask your local bookstore if a book signing date has been arranged for us to visit. You know what they say, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

The other way to meet the Nice Lady and me is for us to come visit you and your classmates at your school for a book reading and signing event. We can even watch one of the animated stories of your choosing from The Importance of Family Animated DVD.

So have either your parents or teachers Click On the In School Visit Reading Program here, for all the information on how to schedule this exclusive and enriching event at your school.

Well I think it’s time to take a nap on the cloud bed. I have found myself totally exhausted just thinking about all those entries that I will be reading. Let me just add, good luck to every one of my readers who decides to enter this contest.

You do know how much I love napping. Well I got news for you, I love meeting new families even more.



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