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The Nice Lady and I love to hear from our readers, for it is the readers that we are here for and we want to know what your thinking about out there. So does our publisher, Nick the Cat, LLC.

So you might be asking yourself what would be possibly of interest to Nick and the Nice Lady?

Learning about your pets, what kind of pet(s) you have, the names you gave them and why, if I could name a few things. But let’s not stop here. Perhaps there is something you would like to share with us about what you liked most about my books. Or maybe you may have a question about one of my story’s value message or life lessons? Whatever the question or information you would like to share, please go to for we want to hear from all our friends.

Now don’t be shy. We look forward to hearing from all of you!!

Our publisher, Nick the Cat, LLC has been very good to me and the Nice Lady. As a matter of fact, they like me so much, they named their publishing company after me. They are a publishing company that the Nice Lady and I are very grateful to have worked with in bringing “The Importance of Family” series to you. We are now working on the second series, “The Importance of Friendship” with them, and the Nice Lady and I look forward to continue working with them in completing all five series of Nick the Wise Old Cat.

Here is some additional information on Nick the Cat, LLC.

Nick the Cat, LLC is a full service “boutique like” publishing/self publishing company and consulting firm. Nick the Cat, LLC’s first product is a Five Series children’s book offering that presents many wonderful stories about the life of  ”Nick the Wise Old Cat”. The first series published in April, 2010 titled “The Importance of Family,” was awarded a Mom’s GOLD Choice Award  for category “Values and Life Lessons.” As with the other four future series of Nick the Wise Old Cat, Series I offers three books. The titles in Series I are, “How I Found My Family”, “How My Family Grew Overnight”, and “How My Family Changed”, truely highlighting the importance of family. These “soon to be classic” books offer life lessons and value messages to children ages 5 to 10 as seen through the eyes and narration of a “wise old cat” Nick and his nice lady guardian.

We are currently working with other children authors employing our comprehensive business model which we developed for Nick the Cat. A business model that offers complete “cradle to grave” service to authors.

This service includes concept development, book layout, design, manuscript editing and all page and book design related illustration service, along with print, publication, marketing, and distribution services. All this, while allowing the author has complete control of their work as we build a business model around it that will assure the maximum return 0n an author’s investment.

Our service is a model that is a one-stop shop approach that goes well beyond just bringing an author’s book to the marketplace. It also includes website design and the production of retail book-related products including plush toys of book characters, book reading CDs, animated DVDs, and print and framing of the book’s illustrations.

As a boutique service, we choose to work with no more than 3 authors a year in order to deliver what we believe is the best-in-class service and personal attention any book publishing service can offer. And a best-in-class service any selective author should expect. So for a new, classier solution to what can be offered to established or first time authors, complete the form below to learn more about working with a premium quality, one-stop solution publishing company.

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