Mom’s Choice Award


There is a wise old saying, “work hard, believe in yourself, your ideas and hopes, and they will be realized.” And that’s exactly what happened with my Nick the Wise Old Cat” Importance of Family series.

The fine folks at Mom’s Choice Awards liked my Importance of Family series so much they gave us a GOLD award in the category, Children’s Picture Book series – Values and Life Lessons. They also awarded us just recently with GOLD for Nick’s Holiday Celebration in the Family series and GOLD for How Different is Good, book I in Series II on the Importance of Friendship.

Boy am I pleased and very thrilled with my new found fame! I’m so happy all my hard work, focus, and hopes have been realized. See what I mean; there is a lot of truth in that “wise old saying”. 

I will continue my hard work and focus, along with my friends at Nick the Cat, LLC to make the Nick the Wise Old Cat series the best it can be for your enjoyment and enrichment.

And most important, thank you for your past support and all those emails you’ve sent telling us what you love most about my books and stories. I have so many more stories to share and I’m excited about the future books planned where my untold stories and wonderful illustrations Dave Messing is planning will be your’s to cherish and add to your home library.   

Enjoy, and Believe!

Your friend,

Nick and my friends at Nick the Cat, LLC

Nick's Holiday Celebration

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