Book Readings and Signings

Did you know that besides napping being one of my favorite things to do, I also really like attending bookstore book signing events with the Nice Lady? Although I don’t get to attend all of them, I try to attend as many as I can. But even when I don’t attend, the Nice Lady is one not to miss.

She is so NICE and way COOL to meet and she can tell you fun stories about me and her. That is, of course, when she is not reading my books to you at the event. When you attend the book signing event, you can ask her all the questions you want, and then some, so you can become experts on the subject of Nick and the Nice Lady.

You should also know that at each book signing event, whether I am there or not, the Nice Lady will autograph your books and a paw print signature of me will be applied to your books as my signature. How PURRRRRFECT is that?

We also do book signing and readings at your school as well. Have your parents and teachers visit the In School Visit Reading Program page for more information on how to arrange our visit.

And as a big surprise, Dave Messing my book illustrator will make random appearances at some of our signing events. He will share with you how he created the drawings of me in my books and even show some of you young reading artists how to draw me. How NEAT is that?

So keep your eyes and ears open at your local bookstore for Nick the Cat signing events. If nothing is planned, just continue to ask your local bookstore if a book signing date has been arranged for us to visit. You know what they say, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”.

City Venue Date Time Map
Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming signings right now. Check back soon!

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