In School Visit Reading Program

The best part of my in school reading program is that it is another way to meet the Nice Lady and me. Yes indeed, under this program, we visit you and your classmates at your school, meet your teachers and provide copies of signed books for your school library. I like meeting my readers at their schools and the book reading and signing event that we do right there in your classroom. These visits are really a lot of fun and not to be missed.

As with the bookstore book signing events, although I don’t get to attend all the in school reading programs, I try to attend as many as I can with the Nice Lady. But even when I don’t attend, the Nice Lady is one not to miss.

She is so NICE, VERY KIND, and way, way, COOL to meet. When she is at your school, she will tell you, your classmates, and your teachers, fun stories about me and her, our lives together now, and how exciting it was when we first met twelve years ago. That is, of course, when she is not reading my books to you and your classmates. And while she is there, be sure to ask her all the questions you want, and then some, so you can become experts on the subject of Nick and the Nice Lady.

You should also know that at each school visit, whether I am there or not, the Nice Lady will autograph your books and a paw print signature of me will be applied to your books as my signature. How PURRRRRFECT is that?

And as a big surprise, just like at book store signing events, Dave Messing, my book illustrator, will make surprise appearances at some of the schools we visit. He will share with you how he created the drawings of me and Baby Z in my books and he will even show some of you artist folks how to draw me. How AWESOME is that? Your teachers can even make a special request that he attend as part of the in school reading program and I will make every attempt to get him there.

So to the Teachers and Parents out there, if you would like to find out more about the In School Visit Reading Program, or arrange our visit to your children’s school, contact my associate, Keith Ramundo. He can be reached by filling out the form below.

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And to just the Teachers out there, given the tough economic times and budgetary pressures, Keith and his team can also work with your school organization in putting together a fundraising program to help your school with budgetary shortfalls. Or if your one of the fortunate schools running a budget surplus, a fundraising event can be used to add more to your surplus that will further protect your school’s programming during these uncertain economic times.

Learn more by clicking HERE and you will be taken to the Book Fundraising Program page.

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