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Do you, your mom or dad, your school, or one of your community organizations have a need for a fundraiser but not sure where to begin, or what would be a good approach? I think the best fundraising model is a model that raises money not only for your cause but also, in doing so, helps other causes of equal importance. I call it the win/win fundraising program.

Under my win/win fundraising program, my books are the source of your fundraising efforts. By selling my books to raise funds for your organization, every book you sell will not only raise money for your cause but will also benefit other designated humanitarian causes I support., a national animal rescue organization, benefits from a portion of the proceeds from every book sold in the The Importance of Family series. The Thomas Hartman Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, Inc. benefits from The Importance of Friendship series and the “family series” holiday book,Nick’s Holiday Celebration“.  Equally important, every book sold puts my books in the hands of other young readers who will benefit from the life lessons and value messages each book offers them.

So this fundraising approach is really more then a win/win. Perhaps I should call it the win/win/win fundraising program, or simply the 3W Fundraising Program.

So if I could have the attention of schools, parents, and community organizations, I will explain the two 3W Fundraising Programs which are available options for consideration when planning your first, or next fundraising event.

Program A: My books are purchased at a 35% discount and when you sell them for the retail price of $18.95, the benefit per book net of shipping would be about $6.00 per book. And remember, there are three books in “The Importance of Family” series so the potential is $18.00 per supporting buyer. If necessary, we can arrange a partial consignment, pay only 50%  of the total dollar amount of your order with the balance due in full following your event.  Under this option, the price discount would be reduced to 30%. All my book-related products, Audio Book, Animated DVD , and Plush Toys (stuffed book characters) would be made available at the same discount structure you choose.

Program B: Find a benevolent corporation or private individual to donate to your organization by purchasing from me the number of books and book-related merchandise you will use in your fundraiser. The donor will not only enjoy a tax benefit equal to the purchase amount of the books and book-related products that they purchase and donate to your organization, but the donor will also be helping and the Thomas Hartman Foundation for Parkinson’s Reseach, Inc. while seeding the solid moral and social growth of our young readers. This program should certainly be more enriching for the donor then simply writing a check to your organization and more rewarding to your organization as you stand to benefit the full $18.95 per book and the full prices on the book-related merchandise.

You can also incentivize your sales by offering the books and book-related products at a price less then retail. You are in complete control of this fundraising effort and the amount of funds you will realize from each item sold.

To find out more about the Book Fundraising Programs, my associate, Keith Ramundo can further explain how all this works. Contact Keith now using the form below.

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Whether you are a non-profit, a mission based organization, a school, or simply a community organization in need of raising funds, I am sure Keith and his team can work with you in putting together the right fundraising program that will meet your requirements.

Wishing you and your organization my best in all you do and the fundraising efforts you pursue which allows you to do so much more.

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