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So you just want one or two items of my book-related merchandise and not a complete Value Package. Well you have come to the right place. More important, you can ALSO preview my Importance of Family series Animated DVD and Audio Book CD here by clicking below on the words ” More Info and Preview”. 

Interested in any artwork of me? Again, you have come to the right place. Further down the page in the Framed Art section, click on the words “More Info and Previewand you will be able to order any of the selected art work of me to hang on one of those walls in your room and frame it however you wish.  HOW COOL IS THAT?

So have fun here selecting book-related merchandise and mixing and matching all the art possibilties we offer to you own personal tastes.

Animated DVD
More Info and Preview

Audio Book CD – Series One
More Info and Preview

Nick the Wise Old Cat Plush
More Info and Preview

Framed Art
More Info and Preview

Enjoy getting familiar with the Importance of Family Series Animated DVD and the Audio Book CD. My Plush Toys and Framed Art that I have selected for you to consider for your bedroom are a must. If you find something you like, have your parents’ do some fun filled shopping with you by clicking on either the More Info and Preview buttons above to review each product, or the Add to Cart button for the product you already know what you want to order.

I know you will be purrrrrfectly pleased with your “Boutique” purchases. And remember, all my books and book-related products are “purrrrrfectly approved by me” as authenticated by my “seal of approval”.

So be sure to share all this cool information with all your family members….. you know, cousins, brother and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, and of course, all your close friends.

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